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Brown & Thigpen Auctions, LLC. is proudly owned and operated by Ada Brown and Lonnie Thigpen. We offer the complete line of estate sale auction services to fit your unique needs as the seller or the bidder. We are especially committed to providing the highest quality service possible for our clients. As an Eastern NC auction company, we continually provide the highest level of professional service which is why we have so many repeat customers. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you as the buyer and/or as the seller.

Special Notice:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with heavy heart that we pass along the latest news regarding a dear friend.

At tonight’s auction, Harold Harrell suffered from a medical condition that required the ambulance. He has since been diagnosed as suffering from a stroke. We understand that he cannot talk at this time. He is able to answer questions by blinking his eyes. Authorities are flying him to Greenville for further examination and treatment.

Please join the staff and friends of Brown & Thigpen Auctions, LLC. by praying for Harold and his family during these trying times.


The clot has broken up and Harold is now able to speak!

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Brown & Thigpen Auctions, LLC. uses modern online technology, including this website, to provide the latest Internet marketing and advertising for your auction as well as detailed computer reports of items sold, buyer invoices and much more. We also specialize in personal property appraisals and can provide your attorney, CPA, bank, etc., with the detailed appraisal documents you may require.

We auction a wide variety of items including: antiques, collectibles, used furniture and the entire contents of whole estates. Estate sale auctions and land auctions are held throughout the year on site or at either of our North Carolina auction houses. If you have a house, barn, or real estate with or without contents give us a call. We can handle the sale of your estate at our auction house or on site as appropriate.